Are our systems secure?

At VenomCheats, we focus on developing safe cheats for users that allow them to cheat indefinitely without a high risk of banning.

Although many cheating sites only care about their bottom line and offer cheats that are detected every fortnight, we think this is a bad long-term strategy that hurts their customers and loses their members' trust. At the start of every cheat we develop, we analyze the existing game's anti-cheat to try to deliver the safest possible cheat.

In addition to promoting security in our cheats, we also need to promote the security of our customers' data. Many avoid using hacks because they need to run third-party applications on their machines. We at VenomCheats guarantee that our software is totally free from trojans or means that abuse and invade the privacy of our customers. It is also of great importance to keep our customers' data well-kept when they register on our website. Our system stores passwords encrypted with technology that makes it impossible to reverse them.

Our loader injects your cheat into the game as safely as possible, without leaving any trace for the anti-cheat.

Our server protects our code, preventing reverse engineering and offering additional levels of hidden security against anti-cheat methods.

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