Is it possible for a Hack to be totally undetectable?

The idea of ​​multiplayer cheats that cannot be detected is an idea that many people have when looking for hacks for a game they are interested in. But is it really possible to get a cheat that cannot be detected? A answer is no. In any multiplayer game where cheating is against the rules, there is always the risk of getting caught for hacking the game.

Some cheats in the game may advertise that they were never detected, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. There's always a way game developers or anti-cheat can use to detect your cheat. And even if the software itself is not detected, there is always the risk of a manual review of your account by a game developer or administrator to confirm that you are cheating in the game.

Why do some stores advertise that their Hacks are totally safe?

Many of our competitors will suggest that their cheats are completely safe to use and display "Not Detected" in large print on all of their screenshots, brands and product pages.

The reality is that they always advertise this, regardless of the current state of their products. They don't bother to update this tag when their product goes offline due to detection. customers who are banned are frustrated by believing they have permanently undetected hacks or something undetectable.

Sometimes these bans are out of the hands of the cheat developers and are the result of player reports or manual review resulting in a ban. But it can still be frustrating if you don't believe the ban is a possible risk.

At VenomCheats we don't sell any cheats that are detected, as soon as we find any bug that might cause detections we will disable the cheat. You can see in your loader a message of "In Maintenance", that means that something with that cheat makes it impossible to use at the moment.

The Risks of Using a Hack

Our principle as developers and hack users that we think everyone who joins us should adopt is: "don't use hacks with what you can't afford to miss". That's because, when you decide to cheat, you inevitably run the risk of losing your account. If a potential ban or loss of your account is too great for you, cheating may not be right for you.

If you have a game account that is highly valuable to you, then if you want to explore the world of cheating, it might be better to start a fake account specifically for that purpose so you can try out the cheats first to decide if you want to use them in your main account.

How to reduce the risk of bans

You'll be able to reduce the risk of getting banned with cheats by adjusting your cheat settings to avoid reports and analysis from administrators.

The easiest ways to keep looking "legitimate" when cheating in a game:
  • Wallhack: Always be careful not to look at other players through walls using your ESP cheats, especially in games with spectators and Replays. Following your crosshairs on players who are not visible can cause suspicion for anyone analyzing your game, try to always maintain a legitimate appearance even knowing where the enemies are.
  • KD: Pay attention to your kill and kill score as you play, especially in more competitive games. Other players will assume you do. is cheating and they will report you if you have a KD that is much bigger than everyone else.
  • Unfortunately, although there are many highly skilled players who don't cheat, other players will assume you are cheating if you kill them repeatedly. If you want to avoid getting reported and are playing really well, slow down with your opponents or let them kill you over and over.
  • Aimbot: Adjust your smooth/sens so your aim is slower and doesn't snap instantly between players. use smooth correctly, the aimbot can look like more of an assist, without looking obvious to the eye.
  • Aimbot: Change the location of your HitBox. With this you can choose a different body part for the aimbot. For one more legitimate game, we recommend the 'Auto/Automatic' option which will prioritize the Hitbox closest to your crosshairs, if the game in question doesn't have this option, prioritize using the Body instead of the Head.
  • Disable Aimbot: If you really don't need an aimbot to do well in games, ESP is more than that. enough. If you really want to reduce the risk of getting banned, turning off your aimbot and aiming legitimately will make you look much more like just a skilled player.
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