What is an Aimbot?

An aimbot is a type of game bot that can automatically lock your cursor for other players in first person shooters, essentially pointing at you and usually improving your accuracy and targeting speed .

When using an aimbot, players can appear to have superhuman reflexes and abilities rivaling or above the best professional players.

Most aimbots rely on accessing game memory to detect information such as the position or visibility of other players in order to function.

An Aimbot is usually one of the features of a hack or cheat program. This type of software injects code into a game running on the PC to enable features that are not normally possible. With memory access of the game, the aimbot code can take your cursor to an enemy player or even use an algorithm to predict your movement and aim ahead of them.

Aimbot Functions


Visibility Check





Movement Predict

Bullet Drop Predict

Humanization Smooth


The games are different, therefore the cheats are different from each other too. If the hack of the game in question doesn't have any of the above functions, it's not supported!

How to configure an Aimbot?

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