I'm getting an error injecting the valorant cheat?'

Are you getting an error when using the valorant cheat? P.S: FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS IN THE TUTORIALS SO YOU DON'T HAVE FUTURE PROBLEMS!

1. If you get error #002, close Steam completely in the task manager and reopen as administrator.

2. If your crosshair is not moving towards enemies, follow:

2.1. Check if the color of the square that appears on your screen is changing when your aim is close to an enemy

2.1.1 If the square is NOT changing color, check if the outline color setting in your cheat is the same as the one set in the game

2.1.1 If the square IS changing its color, contact our discord so we can help you:

3. If your crosshair is jumping when you activate the aimbot, check if you have set the cheat sensitivity the same as your game;

3.1 If your crosshair is still jumping with the correct sensitivity, increase the Smooth in the setting until it works;

4. If the aimbot is not aiming correctly at the enemy's head, configure Hitbox X and Y to center your aimbot;

5. If your cheat is crashing, restart your computer and close all apps that have an overlay (Discord, Nvidia Geforce, AMD Radeon, Fraps, Rivatuner and others)

Do you have more questions?

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