I'm getting the error 'Failed to LoadDriver [#98765]'

Are you getting error #98765 when injecting the cheat? P.S: FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS IN THE TUTORIALS SO YOU DON'T HAVE FUTURE PROBLEMS!

1. Go to Control Panel, Uninstall Programs and then View Installed Updates;

2. Uninstall update KB5013942, KB5014699, KB5014023, KB5014666 and KB5015020;

3. Uninstall Riot Vanguard if you have Valorant installed;

4. Uninstall FaceIt anticheat if you have it installed;

5. Disable the Windows Updater permanently, restart your computer and try injecting the cheat/spoofer again;

6. If it doesn't work, go back to updates and uninstall all updates made from May 2022 onwards;

If you get an error when uninstalling the update, google the error. If you still can't uninstall, reinstall your windows with a compatible build:

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