How to use Loader

Many are confused at this very important step. Below we will teach you how to use our Loader.

First of all, what is a loader? Widely used in the cheat world, loader is the application that will do the job of injecting the cheat into your game with just one click.

Now that you know what a loader is, let's download it. On the homepage of the panel you will find several navigation options, click "Download Loader", we show an example in the image below .

Baixar Loader

With the loader downloaded you will receive a ZIP with all the files needed to run the loader, extract all the files to a folder and open the Executable present in the folder.

With the loader open, wait a while to receive this screen:

Logar Loader

Use your account on our website to log in, if you have synced your discord you can use it to log in too.

Once logged in you will have access to a screen with the cheats available in your account. To inject the cheat just click on the "Inject" button below the desired cheat. Remember to read our first tutorial on how to use this game's cheat!

Injetar Loader
Do you have more questions?

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