How to force BattleEye

Fortnite has 2 anticheats, our cheat is currently working for BattlEye. As Fortnite runs anticheats randomly you will need to force it to always run BattlEye to avoid bans.

The first step is to check which anticheat is running before starting the cheat

1. Open Task Manager and open Fortnite;

2. Look for the 'BEService' process, if you find it, Fortnite is already running BattlEye and you can skip this tutorial for now;

3. Fortnite is not running BattlEye? You need to change the date on your computer until BattlEye is running.

4. Is your computer dated 02/10/2022(dd/MM/yyyy)? Change to a higher day like: 02/11/2022(dd/MM/yyyy)

5. Repeat the above process until you find the BEService process;

6. Always remember to check when cheating;

You can use this app to do the procedure automatically

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